May 24, 2017

#It's The Time

Well, it is what it is.
He gave you hope at the first place because he thought it would all be easy.
Because by that time, he never knew that;
Relationship isn't easy
They will be struggles, hardships and challenges.

You must to know
If a guy isn't up for it, it would be hard for him to stay.

He loved you, he sure did.
But sometimes love isn't enough
Because enough is enough
For now, (at least)
But for now, if you truly love him, learn to forgive and let him go.

Focus on yourself now
Grow as a better person.

Trust me, if one day you two are meant to be together again,
maybe you two are better suited for each other
Even when you think you have already found the one,
when timing isn't right, you two can't be together
Its all about timing.
Because timing itself is a bitch.

Learn that thing happens for a reason
Now, its the time.
Chin up, move on and be a better person, for your own sake.
You got this.

//Izyani Khairi

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