Apr 24, 2017

#Finding The Final Episode

Every night seems so long.
Even though everytime before she goes to sleep
She wishes she could let go everything that didn't go well.
She wishes she could let all the negative things that had happened
So she can just focus on all that are becoming.

She never consider all this pain as part of heart broken anymore.
It just like she prefers to stay silent because seems like no words can explain;
what is going on in her mind even her little heart.
She never felt so empty yet not even so dark.

Now, she wants to appreciate herself more.
She wants to communicate to herself even more.
It's the combination of all the things she feels like she don't want to be too soft anymore.
She decided to not expect anything, anymore.
She-- currently allowing herself to get the new phrase in old.

It seems like her life is going to change
She close her eyes, begin to pray
Right after that, she feels the pain
Tears seem like her favourite food everytime she's being too clingy to her Creature
Somehow, she knows herself well
She don't want this anymore.

Whispered between her mouth and heart-
please get enough.
No matter how it will be in the future
She always wanted to learn to heal herself.

//Izyani Khairi

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