Sep 1, 2016

#Not even yours, anymore, once again.

Its okay.
I respect your decision. I don't live to please people even you, by the way.
Its okay
You can use all that ridiculous reasons to hide your guilty.
I won't say anything anymore.
Now, you can simply do whatever you want.

Its okay for me now
if you tell me that you have that stupid 'trust issue'
The unacceptable reason now should be distinct.
Your unclear point should be considered.
But then, trust this one
There will come a day when I can reclaim my own skin when my flesh will never been touched by you.

I would love if you would give me my heart back,
so I can actually mean the word 'love' when I get to use it again.

I loved you, pure and simple,
I would have done everything.
But you choose to downgrade my love.

I would have done anything,
To have kept it up but still sorry, that wasn't enough for you.

For years, months and weeks of heartbreak and lonesome thoughts,
Now, you say we're just friends.
My fault. I put a high expectations on you.
You broke it with stupid statements and arguments.
You tease me with a glimpse of hope.

Now, just leave as you wish for.
My heart is currently a darkened mess 

//Izyani Khairi

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