Sep 14, 2016

#Im just throwing up the bullshits

This is my version of heart break.
This is how Im trying to get over you as so you do.
I don't want to feel this anymore.
I don't want this pain anymore,
just no more.

As I gave myself so much.
I let the burden pulled myself.
End up I was looking stupid on behalf to win nothing.
My heart smelled bitchy,
I've followed it's direction
It dragged my head, it conquered myself.
To make something as it's wanted.
For nothing at last.

No one knows,
I was sobbing in the bathroom right before this.
For this, I guess this is a new chapter of my life.
Its time now.
Fight for something what it should be.

I don't want to care what comes with this way,
I just want to do what's the best for me in future.
I'm supposed to keep going
Even when you get curious someday.

Well, back to the decision
Im currently supporting you.

//Izyani Khairi 

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