Jun 17, 2017

#Just Cry

She doesn't know what is actually in her mind. All that she knows, something goes wrong. She kinda doesn't know how to fake herself at the moment.

He was turning back, to give his back that ridiculously wide so that no one can see her sad and tired face at that time.

Him: "Just cry"
Her: "You're funny"
She's looking down. While holding her tears that closely streaming down. About to cry.
Him: "It isn't cool to act tough when you want to cry. It's cool to cry when you want to."
Her: "Who wants to cry?"

Him: "Why are people such jerks? How could they easily come and go away?
You were so happy. You were jumping for joy. How could they cut you off out of the sudden?" Sounds pissed off.

She was sobbing so hard like can't even hold it anymore. Breathing heavily between her tears and pain.

Her: "Cover me well. If anyone I know sees me, especially the one who hurts me, I'll just die."

He's turning his body, looking at her and cover her with his thick jacket. Grabbing her head close to his shoulder. Patting her head so that she can cry without having any doubt.

//Izyani Khairi

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